EHL Sports Center

Welcome to the EHL Sports Center, our magnificent new center offering a wide range of sports activities within the prestigious EHL Hospitality Business School.

Summer Closure : From July 20th to August 11th (included)

List of facilities

  • Sports Reception

  • Fitness Center

  • Pool

  • Sports halls

  • Studio for classes

  • Multisport pitch

  • Beach volleyball

  • Tennis & Padel

Our reception welcomes you and informs you about all the sports activities offered at EHL.

The reception also features a small shop with sports drinks and snacks, and equipment and clothes available for sale.

Sports reception opening hours :

Monday - Thursday :   07 am to 10 pm
Friday                :   07 am to 9 pm
Saturday             :   08 am to 4 pm

Our gym encompasses an area of 400m2 where you can do different types of training:

Cardio Zone

22 machines for cardiovascular workouts are available to you, including treadmills and air runners, stationary bikes, elliptical bikes, stair masters and rowing machines so you can vary your endurance and interval training.

Weight lifting Zone

This zone offers a wide range of guided and plate-loaded machines and several stations with pulleys.

Functional Zone

Our gym has a large functional cage, a squat and deadlift cage, and many smaller pieces of equipment for all of your training.

Free Weight Zone

There are many free weights, dumbbells and bars so you can increase your strength and really push yourself.

The pool area is located in Residence 2


The pool is 25m long by 11m and 2m10 deep, which means that each of the four lanes is 2m50 wide. There are three ladders and stairs that make it easy for people with mobility issues to get into the water.
We offer many different activities such as free swim, swim lessons and aqua fitness classes, and water polo.

Recovery Zone

Take advantage of some downtime in our recovery area where you can access the recovery pool, three saunas with a shower and a rest area that has a view of the outside.

Our double gymnasium has a surface area of some 1,300m2 and it even has stands for EHL fans to cheer on their favorite team:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Handball
  • Table tennis
  • Floorball
  • Futsal

Dimensions: 35x28m (one big space) or 16x28m (two smaller spaces)

It is possible to separate the floor into two distinct spaces by using the moveable wall. There is also a sound system and multisport scoreboard.

Studio 1 

Studio 1 offers a space of 113m2 for classes on themes like strength training (body pump), cardio (spinning) and wellness (yoga).

Studio 2 

Studio 2 offers a 67m2 space dedicated to e-sports .

We have an outdoor multisport field of 25m x 14m allowing the practice of different sports activities such as ball sports or games and physical training.

Our beach volleyball court measures 25m x 14m and allows you to play barefoot in the sand.

Two tennis courts and two padel courts are available for our students and staff. External visitors staying on campus can rent the courts directly at the sports reception. We also rent rackets and sell balls for both tennis and padel.

Our Sports Stores


F&B Sales

Need an energy boost before or after your workout? Protein, energy drinks, protein bars and other snacks and drinks are available for sale. 


Sale of sports equipment

Did you forget something? We offer a range of sports equipment and clothes for sale.


EHL Sports Center
Route de Berne 303
1000 Lausanne 25
Parking level -2

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